State of PBBG Survey 2022

There are so many persistent browser-based games out there. We want to bring people together and help them discover their next favourite PBBG. And in order to do that, we need your help.

Take the survey (18 questions, ~5 minutes)

The survey is open to everyone. We want to get your input even if you've never heard of PBBGs before!

What is a PBBG?

PBBG is an acronym that stands for Persistent Browser-Based Game. They are online games that are entirely playable inside your browser and that you can continue playing from any device – as long as you remember your account password.

PBBG isn't a genre, it's merely a description. There are many different genres and types of PBBGs: Fantasy RPGs, sci-fi adventures, management simulators, card games, city builders, dungeon crawlers, …

What does do?

Since the very beginning of online gaming, making friends and playing great games has been at the core of our experience. But these days there are so many PBBGs out there that it's getting hard to find them all. is a community for players and developers of all PBBGs to come together, discover new games, get to know each other, and even learn how to make their own PBBG!